U Manage It

lock sitting on credit cards

Card lost or stolen? Lock it down with U Manage It.

With U Manage It, you have real-time fraud protection because you control the status of your UNITED SA credit cards and check cards. U Manage It is available on E-Teller and UNITED SA Mobile.

U Manage It FAQs

1. When should I use U Manage It?

If you suspect fraud, temporarily misplace your card, or simply don't need your card for a while, disable it! Turn it back on when you're ready. It's easy to disable and enable your account in seconds with just a few clicks. If you know your card is lost or stolen, you have the option to permanently cancel the card so it cannot be used fraudulently.

2. Which cards can I control with U Manage It?

U Manage It works with all UNITED SA credit cards and check cards.

3. How do I use U Manage It?

This service is available in E-Teller or by downloading UNITED SA Mobile to your Apple℠ or Android™ smart device. Then simply log in and select the U Manage It menu option. (Here's what it looks like on our mobile app.) You'll see your eligible cards and the current status of each card on the screen. Tap on the card you wish to control and then you'll see a drop down menu at the bottom of your screen with four options:

  • Active - This status means the card is ready to use.
  • Disable - Transactions are denied while in this status. For the ability to make transactions again, simply choose "Active" in the drop-down menu. In a few seconds, the card will be active.
  • Lost - Choosing this option will permanently cancel your card. You will not be able to reactivate it.
  • Stolen - This option also cancels your card.

If you indicate that your card is lost or stolen, please contact us to request a new card with a new account number.

4. What happens when I disable my account?

Disabling your check card or credit card lets us know that you don’t want us to authorize new purchases, cash advances or balance transfers until you turn the card back on. A disabled account still allows some activity including returns, credits, dispute adjustments, payments, recurring payments, account fees, interest, rewards credits and other exempted transactions. As a reminder, disabling your account is a convenient way to temporarily block transactions until you turn it back on - your account number does not change when you disable your account.

5. Is there a fee to use this service?

U Manage It is free to use as often as you need it.

6. How often can I use U Manage It to disable and enable my cards?

You can turn off or turn on your account as often as you need or want.

You're in control with U Manage It!

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