Your Personal RV Buying Guide

RV driving down a roadQ: It’s vacation time again. This year, we’re thinking about doing something different and buying an RV, but RV lots seem so intimidating! What do we need to know to take some of the stress off?

Fidget Spinners: Harmless Fad or Mega Distraction?

Child Using Fidget SpinnerUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen them practically everywhere. The small plastic gadgets don’t do much, but they’ve completely overtaken the toy industry.

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Personal Loans

Man taking cash out of wallet

  1. Do use it to consolidate debt.

    Put all high-interest credit card debt and payday loans into one loan with a fixed rate, a fixed monthly payment and a closed-end term. You’ll save money and make debt management a lot simpler. Be sure to stop using any credit cards you pay off so you don’t rack up another large bill.

What You Need To Know About EMVs

Chip Card CloseupAre you a swiper or a dipper? Chances are, you have at least one EMV chip-enabled card in your wallet.

EMV, which stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa, and has been used for years throughout the world, was introduced in the U.S. about 18 months ago. The cards are also called smart cards, chip cards, smart-chip cards and chip-enabled smart cards.

Here’s what you need to know about the new generation of cards.

Debt Consolidation: Not a Silver Bullet, But Still a Good Idea

Big financial problem - debtIf you’re up to your eyeballs in debt, the one thing you may wish for more than anything else is a blank slate. If you had a chance to wipe your slate clean and start over, things would be different. Of course, barring a winning lottery ticket, nothing is going to make that much of a change overnight.

Putting Your Affairs in Order

Aurora BorealisQ: I know it’s important to have my financial affairs in order, especially when approaching an advanced age, but it’s all so overwhelming. How do I go about this task?

Charging Your Phone in Public? Watch that Port!

Smartphone ChargingSmartphones have become ubiquitous, and having a charged cellphone provides a sense of security. That’s why, when the battery meter starts to dip, a cold sense of panic rises in your stomach.

Many public places have begun to adapt to this change by providing USB ports in addition to electrical outlets. That means smartphone owners can now plug directly into the wall.

What to Do About Spam: Cutting Down on Unwanted E-mail

Spam trying to get through firewallQ: My inbox is overflowing with unwanted e-mails. Everyone wants to sell me something, or worse, steal from me! How can I take my inbox back from these spammers?

A: Spam is big business. According to web security firm, Norton, 72% of e-mail messages are spam. That means for every three e-mails from people wanting to have a real conversation with you, there’s another seven that are from unwanted sources.


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